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    Morango do Dia - Daily Picked straberries !

    Our strawberries are produced with respect for the environment, using natural processes to controle plagues and deseases. They are picked on a daily basis only when on the perfect maturation stage. It's makea all the difference. You can buy on the field, at the tearoom and , for orthers equal or superior to 1Kg, we also make free distribution for the areas of Albufeira-Olhos d'água and Ferreiras. The boxes 500g and a cost of 3,50 euros ( 3 boxes - 10 euros)

      By: Quinta do Mel


    Yoga Sámkhya effectively fights stress, provides a biological night's sleep of the highest quality, strengthens the imunne system, teaches to maintain a positive emotional status and highly creative frame of mind. It brings the practitioner back to his/ her Natural state, similar to the one experienced after vacations - recovered and vigorous. Quinta do Mel provides the perfect harmony for you to take the most of your yoga classes. Try us !

      By: Quinta do Mel

    Our Breakfast / brunch !

    Prepared mostly with fresh products from the farm, fresh fruits, natural juices, scones, pancakes, croissants, expresso coffe and muche more, it's a real tasty delight, in  a peacefful environment with a great landscape.

    Our breakfast/brunc is served also for non guests from 8.30 to 12.00 with a price of 12 euros per person.

      By: Quinta do Mel

    Visit to a cork factory in S.Brás de Alportel

    Cork is one of the most important products in Portugal.

    An Ecological material with unique properties specially in what concerns to isolation.

    In the last years the use of cork had an amazing diversification.

    What better way to understand the nobility of such product than to visit a factory where, among others, are produced the corks for the best champagnes in the world.

      By: Quinta do Mel

    Boat Trips

    Did you ever imagined yourself going in to a grotto in a small fishing boat and discover... a beach ? That’s it !

    The tour to the grottos between praia da Marinha and Nossa senhora da rocha is really a must.

    Quinta do Mel made a partnership with a fisherman that takes our guests on his traditional boat to see this nature wonders, considered by “The guardian” as one of the top 10 most recomended places to see in Europe.

      By: Quinta do Mel

    Walking and Bicycle trails

    The surroundings of Quinta do Mel are ideal for walking and cycling .

    You can visit the many nearby beaches, the marina of Vilamoura and many other points of interest.

    To help, we have designed several circuits with different levels of difficulty, where you can go through areas of great beauty from the beaches to the interior.

    The circuits are made with GPS devices, which will guide you to an adventure of discovery without losing yourself on the picturesque trails that we propose.

      By: Quinta do Mel