By Quinta do Mel


Our strawberries are delicious.
Like with the herbs, we produce them without forcing nature, wich gives them a very special taste. Harvesting is performed daily in order to pick up only those which are in the maximum peak of flavor and aroma. Sales are made exclusively in the field or at the tea house.

Traditional Products

At Quinta do Freixo, the other farm from the family, we produce amazing jams and other traditional products like fig cheese or fig firewater. This are served and sold at Quinta do Mel as well as on shops all over Portugal and abroad. Our traditional products are made with fruits and vegetables grown by us.

Aromatic Plants

In order to obtain high quality herbs, Quinta do Mel uses procedures that ensure minimum loss of natural properties of each plant.

Production: By certified organic farming methods, free of chemicals either to fertilize or fight diseases and pests.

Processing: Without forcing or resorting to aggressive methods that lead to loss of plant aroma and properties.

Packaging: Using containers (herb bags) specifically to ensure the minimum loss of aroma and a good seal between use. We have several ways to serve our herbs ( Iced Tea, classic, fresh leaf), each one of them with specific properties.

On our range of plants include: Rosemary, Lemon-Verbena, Lemongrass, Melissa, Chocolate-Mint, Orange-Mint, Pepermint, Pennyroyal, Thyme, Lemon-Thyme and Chilli Pepers.

Other Farms

In our tea house you can also find products from other Algarve farms of recognized quality. Thus, the wines of the region, which increasingly gain more notoriety, are present and ensure a good part of the products available. Products like Salt blossom, Olive oil, Caroub cookies, Medronho firewater, Cork handicrafts and many others, can also be found and carry you to visit the Algarve's origins.